Lo chiamano “Smultronstället” – Il Posto delle Fragole a Trieste – a study visit to Le Mat in Trieste

Three days in Trieste to sea the town and to learn from the experience of the workers/members of the social cooperative Il Posto delle Fragole: last weekend they arrived 8 social entrepreneurs from Sweden, the Miljövårdscentrum in ÖrebroBosse and his collegues want to become in SWEDEN a SPECIAL PLACE LE MAT and that’s why  they work together with LE MAT SWEDEN and they decided to take a study tour to Italy.

Quite and beautiful last summer days to know the story of one of the most famous social cooperative, founded in 1979 and strong involved in touristic services. They arrived on Sunday at the Hotel Tritone they met Orietta Polizzy the manger of the hotel who explained the history of the hotel and give them a lot of information concerning the hotel management, human resources and organization. Sitting on the hotel terrace just in front of the see we discuss about all aspect concerning the hotel management and also about its daily difficulties related to the organization, to the marketing strategies to the concurrence. Bosse and his colleagues were very interested in know everything about the hotel, we have a very friendly conversation and shared our experiences and it  was really great!

Sunday was for holiday so the group guided by Gilda Kramarsic spent the morning visiting the centre of the city, from the old castle to the narrow streets full of hand made shops, but the story of Trieste is also the one of the historical coffees, in which famous poets wrote their poems, and the presence of a lot of signs coming from different cultures. In the afternnon the Grotta Gigante and the Carso for a tour in the nature.

The last day has been dedicated to the visit of San Giovanni’s park, the aerea of the old mental health hospital and the place where many of the  Italian experience of social cooperative started
Here Alessandro Mets – one of the social entrepreneurs here in Trieste tells the story of San Giovanni, its transformation from psychiatric hospital to a different place in which social cooperatives, associations public institutions and university live, work, organize events plan activities to attract people.
In this context there is the restaurant Il Posto delle Fragole, managed as il Tritone by the cooperative Il Posto delle Fragole, our guest have a lunch and then Alessandro Mayer the President of the cooperative speaks with them about the restaurant, the organization of work the training, the process for the integration at work for disadvantaged people, the relation with public health and social services. He also describe activities and organization of La Collina, a social cooperative running a lot of services in tourist and cultural areas.
Three long days for our friends from Sweden, they do a long travel to understand better solutions and suggestion for their enterprise and we learn how important could it be to invest part of our time to meet other entrepreneurs and stay in a network.

by Carmen Candido

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