The B&B Le Mat in Göteborg Sweden

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Le Mat Sweden is part of the Le Mat network all over Europe.
“Le Mat Bed&Breakfast opens in Göteborg – a socaial enterprise that offers three stars hospitality in the middle of the city at Avenyn. The project is a brake through for a new form of entrepreneurship.
The 3rd of March the first guests arrived to Le Mat B&B at Södra Vägen 23. Le Mat B&B is unique of it’s kind, there is no other social enterprise that offers high quality accomodation on the market and on traditional markets conditions.
The hotel has 13 rooms, a breakfast restaurant with the view over the main street of Göteborg. Its on the fifth floor, with parking opportunities outside the door in the parkinconstruction. (For more information

The B&B runs as a workers co-operative within the Consortium Vägen ut! The Consortie model gives strength and powerful to small enterprises. The enterprise idea is inclusion, to include people in the activities that always has been excluded from the traditional labour market and this a very rare activity.
What is a social enterprise?
In a period when even the corporate business as Stenbeck Corporation calls themselve social enterpreneurs you could become confused. The definition of social enterprise that is normally used in Sweden by the government and also by many social enterprises among them Vägen ut! is as follows;
– has an objective to integrate people that is far away from the labour market,
– creates active participation fort the workers through membership, as stakeholder or in another well documentet way,
– reinvest the profit in the own enterprise or in similar activities,
– acts as an independent enterprise in relation to public sector,
– combine enterpreneurship with the individuals need to have a work and the social need of services,
– runs a business where the workers and there conditions and opportunities are respected.
Enterprise with at least a double mission.

The co-operative enterprises in Vägen ut! are selling services and products and at the same time create real workplaces for persons that have been excluded from the labourmarket. Today there are about 50 workers in Göteborg and in total about 70 in the whole country, more than half of them are members, owners in their enterprises.”

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