Monday February 26 , 2018
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Everyone can take part in Le Mat!

Become a supporter of Le Mat Association! This will give you the opportunity to receive our card and travel diary Le Mat.

In the diary the traveler can tell, bring notes, make sketches, drawings, draw maps, collect souvenirs, tickets, fragments of stories!

It 's our way to include the traveler in the project Le Mat. The traveler Le Mat says, and suggests improvements, gives advice, helps to improve the quality of our welcome, teaches us how to be truly accessible for everyone!

The subscription costs 20 € and is valid for 1 year.

If you would like to receive the card Le Mat traveler and diary, write to

Payment can be made by bank transfer to:


Le Mat Associazione

IBAN: IT26L050 1803 2000 0000 0113 145




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